Adding Tracking Details for Advanced Shipment Tracking Plugin From Order Notes

I have a woocomerce site which is connected to UPS e-fulfillment and when they they ship out an order, the tracking number ends up getting updated to the order notes like in this example:

enter image description here

To put quite simply, UPS e-fulfillment is connecting to the woocomerce api and updating the order notes with the tracking number.
The thing I am trying to do is taking this order note and setting it as the tracking number within the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin.

I don’t know much about PHP but I sort of have an idea however to start out going about it but not 100% sure.
Below is the add_order_note function found in class-wc-order.php and the function ast_insert_tracking_number found in tracking-number.php of the AST plugin.

enter image description hereenter image description here

The way I am think about this is just calling the ast_insert_tracking_number function from the add_order_note function however I am not 100% sure how to go about doing that. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!