Ajax Product filter by category “no product found”

I know this is a big question but i’m struggling with this for too long without any improvements because I know very little things about coding.

I’m trying to create a “simple” ajax product filter by category and I’ve seen different tutorials and surely messed up everything trying to implement this to an existing wordpress theme.

I started by listing the links of my parent product categories in my archive page, and this seems to work well:

Then I create (I think) a jQuery to listen the click on that link, get the data from it and output in the section below:

Then I create an “example.php” file to output the function, where the loop is the same of my theme’s archive page (after the WPQuery):

I enqueued the scripts with:

And added this to my theme’s functions.php:

Well, all I can get from this is that when I click on the category link it outputs in the correct section the ‘woocommerce_no_product_found’ function of the loop.

I really can’t understand where the error is, if it’s in the jquery or in the “example.php” file.

Can anyone help me figure it out? You’ll have all my love <3

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you!