Can’t change the static homepage in WordPress

I’m working on a project in WordPress for a client. I’ve worked on my own development server, which is a clone of the clients website, and now moved over what I’ve developed/updated on my development WordPress site to the clients’ live website.

The issue I now have is when I try to change the static page under Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays I can’t get the dropdown option to stay/update. The page reloads after I select it and reverts back to the old website’s homepage. I can change the static page option on my development installation (which is a prior clone of the clients’ website) to any of my pages, even the new page that I’ve been working on. Even when I change the old homepage to a draft on the live server it prompts an error that it can’t find the front page.

I’ve tried to look trough function.php but there is nothing there, nor is there anything in the .htaccess (not that it would do anything with this issue.)