Creating a custom post type, adding custom meta fields, preventing all future editability of posts of this type

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I am new to plug-in development and have ran into a bit of a speed bump.

So here are my criteria, I am pretty much struggling to tick off any of them:

I wish to create a custom post type ‘website’ – This bit I can do!

I require only three fields, two of which are custom meta fields (title, website_url & website_source_code) – The extra fields, I believe are being created!

I require an admin menu tab which will link to the list of websites – Doesn’t show when using the extended code below.

I require all forms of editing to be removed, however, still be able to click into each entry and view its contents (without being able to edit or update) – I think this is where the meta_cap features comes in, don’t know how to apply it though.

Here is the full code I am using to declare my custom post type:

A lot of things are commented out as I know that it works, the posts are created and can be accessed in a wp_query loop. I am just unable to get any other of the requirements on the list above ticked off so was attempting to dumb the code down a bit in the hopes I had just overcomplicated it.

If I use this line:

The post type is created and a menu tab appears in the admin left hand menu. But then I am unable to add any other criteria from the list above.

I have read and appreciate there are numerous other similar posts, but none are quite like this one, the combination of requirements are unique.

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