Custom Post Type Archive Page URL

I created a custom post type called provider, and currently I have a URL structure like so:

Now I would like to add some content in the provider page, mostly for SEO reasons. After having a look at how archive pages are working, I found out that it would be best to just change the URL of the archive page for provider. So the new URL would be .com/provider-archive/ while keeping the same URL for the provider already in the system, so they would remain:

This way, I would be able to create a regular page and give it the /provider/ URL.

I am trying to do so by changing the rewrite, adding in a slug to be provider-archive. After doing all of this, and creating a new page with the URL /provider/, when I try to access said URL I still see the archive.

This is how my custom post type is set up:

Is there anything that I’m missing?