Disable autoplay in Custom video header

I’m trying to disable the autoplay of a video in a header. First, a disclaimer. I have tried the code in the following post (and even tried it using the same theme):

WordPress 4.7 – Custom Video Header – Stop Autoplay

It’s basically the same code as mentioned here:


And here:


I have tried inserting the code snippet directly in my twentyseventeen > assets > js > global.js file. And I have created a child theme called ‘twentyseventeenchild’ with nothing in it save the requisite style.css file, a functions.php file with…

And a js file (named ‘honey-script.js’ inside a folder called ‘js’) that reads:

Nothing has successfully stopped the autoplay. I am not a web coder (mostly work in R) but have tried just about any and every variant I can find making sure my filenames and paths match.

Using WP v5.4.2 and Twenty Seventeen v2.3

Also, I need this to work with a Vimeo video. They aren’t supported natively by the theme. I have been using the Custom Header Handler for Vimeo plugin. I was worried that the plugin might be causing the issue so I disabled it and used a plain old YouTube vid in the hopes of at least getting autoplay disabled.