Display post voting results on homepage blogroll

I am stuck.

I am trying to us this plugin: https://github.com/ErnieAtLYD/MoodThingy-WP-Plug-In

As a post voting plugin. There’s only 2 options. Now, the results are being stored in the database just fine, but I am trying to display the voting results in the frontend on each post on the home page that displays the most recent posts, as well as, has a slider. I am using this theme: https://dessign.net/madd-magazine/

I was thinking of just overlaying the voting results over the post thumbnail in a simple “60% | 40%” format. The plugin works fine on the single post page, but for the life of me i can’t get it display anywhere on the homepage. I know the plugin is old and it’s been abandoned, but essentially this voting plugin has been in use for years and years, and all I am really trying to to do is update the theme.

Any ideas? The votes are just being stored in the database in separate fields.