how can I get metadata from .txt & xml files received via URL

I am in no means developper so apologies if this is a dumb question 🙂

I need to get and display metadata in 2 different ways for a radio station website:

From a .txt or .xml (I have both) file I receive on the website server on a regular basis (+- every 60 seconds).
this metadata will be shown within the header as “currently playing” song via the “custom HTML” widget.

From a .xml I receive on the same conditions as the first one. The difference being that metadata will will be shown in a table of a page as “historical daily playlist” with archive of past daily playlists.

I’ve a look around and saw I couldn’t use get_content for security reason so looked at alternative solutions like jquery but am not at all sure of how to implement it all…nor what to do exactly…so need advices…

Thank you for your help 🙂