How to customize user rest api?

I am building a website VueJS and wordpress rest api. I am now working on author rest api. When i send get users :

I have the following result :

My aim is to customize users rest api : i would like to have a list of user social link users.

Is there a plugin i can use to :
1. to set the user social link ?
2. To get those links exposed by rest api ?

I’ve tried the following solution :

1.I upload a wordpress plugin to add some data. It’s Simple Author plugin
I am able to add some additional data to user ( social link list )
2. I create a plugin to add this meta data be filled when i retrieved users from rest api.
Here my plugin code :

I’ve tried a rest api get users request but i did not have the meta data listed in my response.

If you have an idea, i would like to know.

Thanks for your help.