I want to reorder & filter the custom fields on the admin screen

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I am using custom fields for an unpublished page to hold all kinds of data for my site. It works fine except that in the admin page, they’re ordered by their meta_id when I want them in order by meta_key like:

instead of

I also wanted to add a filter so that only some fields will be shown at a time & I’d like a confirmation before deleting them.

My first impulse was to try to just do it in jquery so I put a script in admin that was like this:

That sorts by the first column, then I did this for the filter:

There are problems: If I’ve filtered the list of terms and then delete a term, it can delete the wrong one. Is there way to filter and reorder these terms when they’re called from the db instead of doing it in on the front end?

Is there a plugin that will do all of this for me?

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