I would like content on the checkout page for Check Payments to also appear on the Order Received Page

I have created a checkout page with two payment options, Check Payments and Pay with Bitcoin. For the check payments option, I have added the “Pay to” name and address and it appears on the checkout page, when the Check Payment option is checked. When the “Place Order” button is clicked, we go to the Order Received page. I would like the “Pay to” name and address to also appear on the Order Received page as I can see someone clicking the Place Order button before writing down the information. Once clicked, you cannot go back to the checkout page and the “Pay to” information is frustratingly lost. I just don’t know which php file contains the code that renders the “Pay to” information, being a total novice at php and wordpress. Perhaps more importantly, I do not have a strategy for locating the php. Can anyone help?