‘Invalid post type’ error when importing from one site to another

Our existing corporate site was developed by a 3rd party vendor. I am in the process of creating a new version of our site, in a new WP instance. I need to export the ‘News’ articles, from the current site, to the new DEV site. My issue is I cannot find, on the current site, where the ‘News’ custom post type was created/configured. When I click on ‘News’, in the current site, the post type URL displays as: post_type=recent-news. And, when importing into the new DEV site, I receive this error: ‘Invalid post type recent-news’.

I’m using CPT UI on the DEV site, and the only custom post type plugin I can find on the current site is Toolset. but, in the Toolset settings, the only post types that display are OOTB post types of: Media, Pages, and Posts. there is no reference to either ‘News’ or ‘recent-news’.

Am I missing something, or did the 3rd party developer hard code a ‘News’/’recent-news’ post type somewhere else?

I’m not a true ‘developer’, I’m more of a front-end guy, so I’m racking my brain trying to figure this out.