Modifications on css file are not visible

I have this css file included as https://****.com/wp-content/themes/my-listing/assets/dist/editor-styles.css?ver=2.4.3&wp-mce-4960-20190918 in the admin page.

I have made some manual modifications on https://****.com/wp-content/themes/my-listing/assets/dist/editor-styles.css (I have added some css code in this file)

However, these modifications are not visible on https://****.com/wp-content/themes/my-listing/assets/dist/editor-styles.css?ver=2.4.3&wp-mce-4960-20190918

How can I make these modifications that I made in the editor-styles.css file, also be visible in my admin page , that has included https://****.com/wp-content/themes/my-listing/assets/dist/editor-styles.css?ver=2.4.3&wp-mce-4960-20190918?