Output custom woocommerce category and tag links

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Im trying to output woo commerce categories and tags in a kind of specific way,

I want to essentially create a list of child categories and tags in a similar style to how woocommerce does automatically with its meta data on its product pages, but I need to link them to GET based permalinks.

My Woo commerce categories look like this:

For example a link to ‘Cat 1 Child 2’ would have a link like:

I couldn’t find/figure out a way to edit the link output of the default woocommerce meta data, so not sure if there is a solution that way?

NOTE: The parent categories are purely for organisation and wont be selected, only the child categories will be selectable/outputted.

So far closet I have gotten is using this:

Which gets me half way there, but as you can see that will only correctly output links for ‘Parent Cat 1’, ‘Parent Cat 2’ links result in a broken link.

I’m guessing Id either need to dynamically pass in the parent category slug somehow or maybe have something like:

If parent category = x then echo x url; else echo y url

I am only going to have two parent categories so having an if and else like that wouldn’t be a problem.

I know very little of PHP and am still pretty inexperienced in woocommerce development so I may have over complicated this and there may be a much simpler solution I don’t realise

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