Problems getting values from response from wp_remote_post

I am using wp_remote_post to send a request to a 3rd parti API. The response from the API looks something like:

I understand that this is returned in the body of the array returned by wp_remote_post, but I’m having problems checking the value of status. here’s what I’ve got:

This results in NOTHING being echoed. I know the call was successful because I receive the email notification from the 3rd party saying a member was just updated (and I can see the updates in their app). If I change echo 'Status: ' . json_decode($response['body'])['status']; to echo '<pre>' . print_r($response['body']) . '</pre>';, the object above is printed to screen, so I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong with json_decode.

here’s the full response, in case it helps:

Can anyone tell me the correct way to get the value of the status property returned in the body object of the response?