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I’m wanting to add the ability (on each of my products listed) to only allow the adding a product to the cart if they have answered a question correctly. My goal is to have it work as follows:

Someone visits a product page
They decide to purchase the product, but before they are able to (maybe the add to cart isn’t showing or its greyed out) they see a message:
In order to purchase, please answer the following question
User selects the correct answer from the drop-down list of answers and the ‘Add to Cart’ button becomes visible.
User adds to cart and can checkout as normal.

In admin:
I would like the ability to add a question to each product, write 3 answers, and mark which answer is correct.

That is what I’m trying to work out how to do. But I’ve never been able to code anything since I was around 6-7 because I have difficulty learning/remembering code (due to ADD) so if you’re able to help or point me in a direction, would you please explain anything in a really basic form to help me understand a little more. I just really have no idea where to start with any of this.

Thank you to anyone who can help.


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