Show icons or badges under title on product archives/category pages

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I have a website that sells gaming related stuff, i need to show some buffs as icons/small images under every product below the product image, on the archive/category page, apparently there is no such option nor plugin on the internet that can help me (i would like to be corrected on this please)

So i am trying to work around this on my own, i have very basic coding knowledge.

They way i am trying to do it is by:

I can display the attributes and there values using the following code

The code above shows the corresponding attribute name and their values on the product cat/archive page,

The attribute pa_token has images attached to their values,

I want the pa_token to output its attached images instead of values, in the below example the code for pa_token is a representation of what i want its not a working code,

I need advice if this is a good approach or is there already a solution for this ? If not then how can i go about calling the images attached to the attributes!

Update 1:

When i put this code

I get the following output

a, bb are the sub attributes/values that have images attached to them

pa_token-> a – Icon 1, bb – Icon 2

Update 2:

So if i do the following code

I get the following output, looks like we are heading to the right path

I guess we have the meta now, now what should be the relevant code to only output the images with there tooltips on the category/archive page ?

Update 3:

By updating the code to :

i get the below output

Update 4:

So i was not able to solve my problem earlier, then i switched the plugin to Category and Taxonomy Image by Aftab Hussain and used the following code to call images on the category/archive loop page:

pa_token is my attribute with sub attributes that have images

foreach loop is used to output all the sub attributes used per product, otherwise it will output only the first result.

(array) inside foreach loop is used to not return anything if the value is null, otherwise all the other products with no attributes get an ugly php debug error on the main page, let me know if there is a non hack way to handle this.

Thanks for your help guys for giving me the right direction.

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