Transferring/Uploading Data from DB to WordPress

I’ve started to work on a project regarding WordPress Website, I have some experience with WordPress, but it’s not on the level I want it to be in the incoming months.

I’m more of a Python Developer then WordPress Developer, so my question may be a bit noobie.

The website was organized around scraping and providing those scraped data to end-users. So I started to rebuild the scraped because it had too many bugs, and here my question begins, the last script was written in PHP, and my scraper is being built in Python.

So I am wondering, when script output the data, the user will need to upload it to WordPress, is there any better more automated solutions, where I can store it in some DB, and then just migrate data from that DB to the WordPress DB, but I’ve looked few things online, but it’s mostly some add-ons that do not give any answers.

Has someone did something like this, any advice would be helpful.