WC_Structured_Data Class Causing Needless Translation

I am using the Weglot plugin to translate our Woocommerce site. Weglot allows you to exclude areas that you don’t want translated, to save from your quota of words.

Weglot says:

Excluded Blocks
By default, everything is translated on a page but you can exclude a section of a page by entering the CSS selector or HTML block you want to exclude.

We have successfully blocked everything containing the product name/product title EXCEPT one thing. There is a script running that contains the product name/product title and Weglot is translating the data in the script, even though it is not displayed. I have been working with Weglot support for about a week trying to figure out how to exclude it, but nothing has worked. 🙁

Based on what Weglot said about, about excluding page sections, can you figure out a way to make the script able to be excluded? What is that script for and, if it isn’t important, is there a way to remove it or the product name/product title that it is pulling?

Here is the script from the page. The translated words are: “Diamentowy wisiorek” (originally “Diamond Pendant“)

I even tried adding around where I thought the scripts were being pulled in footer.php.

So far, I have only noticed it on the product page. A programmer said the script is for WC_Structured_Data Class. Any thoughts about where the script is coming from or how to get it excluded? Weglot support had me add the following code snippet, but it didn’t work: