woocommerce_quantity_input returns wrong input value [closed]

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Closed 2 days ago.

After installing WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities our mini cart quantities seems to be broken.

Plugin: https://woocommerce.com/products/minmax-quantities/

This is the snippet that is suppose to return the input field with the current quantity in the cart.

If I output the values I get the following:

The input_value is suppose to be 36 so that is good, but the max and min values is not what we set on the product using the “WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities”-plugin.

The max value should be 3000 and the min value should be 12.

When I output woocommerce_quantity_input i get something completely different.

Here the min, max seems to be correct, but the value is 12.

So my question is. How do I set the correct value inside the woocommerce_quantity_input? There must be something I have overlooked.

Any help or point in direction is very appreciated.